Friday, August 19, 2011

Pickle Martini and Rockfish c/o Fin's

I am a creature of habit, and I like returning to the same places each year. And so where we went for dinner on Saturday wasn't really up for discussion. To Fin's we went! This was where my crazy time thing came into play - the place doesn't take reservations, so if you get there too late in the evening the wait can be an hour or longer....and I really do hate waiting, especially when their bar area is so small that if you're in a party of more than two the chances of being able to properly speak to one another or sit down are pretty unlikely. So I insisted we be a little senior citizen-y about the time we left for the restaurant (closer to 5:30 than anything else). And still we had a 45 minute wait. It didn't feel like 45 minutes though. I had only just purchased my pickle martini (!) when we were called up to the main dining room. Pickle martini was pretty good. Not quite as salty as a dirty martini, but with an different taste to it - duh, because olives and pickles are not the same.
C.P. and I split a dozen oysters - half Hurricane Harbor and half Taunton Bay I think. These were some of C.P.'s first oysters, and I made a good choice of the two different kinds. The Hurricane Harbors were far milder than the Taunton Bays, giving C.P. the opportunity to really compare and contrast how different two oysters can be.
C.P. also went with a whole lobster for the first time in her life. This is her with a 'and exactly what do I do with this' face on. I talked her through some of the tricky parts, but the girl's from Baltimore and does know her way around a crab and lobsters are like more satisfying crabs. In terms of being able to access the meat. Is what I mean.

Though I had expected that I would order the tuna, since it was so delicious the last time, I ended up thinking that I should branch out and try new things. So I did. I went with the rockfish with shallot cream sauce, with a side of mac and cheese and apple sauce.
Guess what my new favorite fish is? Rockfish! You're right! This was such a nice piece of fish. The sauce was good too, but it really was just the flakiness and taste of the fish that wowed me the most. I was pleased. Let me see if I can remember what others had. K. had the fried oyster dinner, I think. J. had the shrimp and grits. Eek, but what did K.H. and C.P. have? Fish I think? Something with saffron sauce? Fin's did not disappoint and the likelihood of a return trip for my second faux b-day weekend is pretty much a certainty.

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