Monday, August 15, 2011

Full Day One at Silver Lake

On our first full day at Silver Lake there was much going on. A.'s father is one of four siblings, each of whom had a few kids. So each day of their week-long reunion features dinner planned and made by some contingent of one of those 'first four.' On this day I think the meal was planned/sponsored by a Texan portion of the family. They constructed quite the smoking system for a number of hefty cuts of pork shoulder, and those things cooked all the live long day.
This guy is a cousin, and actually lives in the Pacific Northwest but he and his wife were lumped in with the Texans because, well, I think that's where they started out.

I spent the day swimming and lying on my mat under the trees and reading a book.
This year featured numerous sailboats. I didn't ever get in one or have anything to do with them, though it was fun to look out on the no-motors-lake and see the boats going back and forth.
The matriarch of the whole shebang wanted to take a dip, so two of her sons cleared a path the water and accompanied her.
I managed to be a complete mess-up and didn't take a single picture of the cooked pork, but there were a number of delightful sides, which included a watermelon feta-like cheese salad, eggplant parsley wondrousness and corn.
This was some good corn. I tell you what.
The evening was then concluded with crowns and drinks.
And tiaras and bows, of course.
Most everyone got a turn.

I forget who took the camera from me and took this series of photographs, but I am indebted to them because I think it's a great series. It is also reminiscent of the series of photos A. took of M. and me when I visited them in Seattle.

And then one of daughter V. with her mother W. to conclude the evening.

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nc catherine said...

Does the G clan need to adopt an older person? Man this all looks like fun fun and more fun!