Friday, August 19, 2011

Parting Shots at Cape Henlopen Beach

On Sunday, some of us hastened ourselves to the beach for a quick visit in the waves and on the sand before departing. Or, in my case, breaking down my tent and then departing. I had realized that C.S. and I hadn't shared a photograph on Saturday, so I insisted we do so. This is completely staged.
As is this.
This, however, truly is C.S. and I beckoning K.H. to join us, and K.H. seemingly being very resistant to such an idea. I thought I had good photos that would demonstrate just how much sun K.H. got the day before, but I guess I don't. Girl got super duper pink. It was amazing to watch it happen. Skin, what a weird thing.

Then I insisted on taking photographs of K., K.H. and C.S. I think I basically took photographs as they compared their stomachs. K., for the record, is one of the most fit pregnant women I've met.

And then finally I implored K.H. from the water to take a photograph of us. Which she did.

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