Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last Dinner at Silver Lake

This rock/tree pairing was on the path to the cabin's dock. That rock was really neat and pink. I'm no geologist, so I can't tell you what kind of rock it is or how old it might be, but I'm guessing an important but average kind of rock, and really old...but not as old as other things.
Eventually I gave up on finishing my book and joined the larger group. Most of the ladies had taken a hike to Crystal Lake earlier in the afternoon, and it seems they had their fair share of champagne at some point in that journey. They kept telling me I missed out. They got lost, though not as lost as M. and I managed to get when we went ... and they saw bear scat, but no one took photographs. I felt a little sad about my choice of staying behind. But what was done was done, and I did have a nice day nonetheless. In any case, spirits were good when I arrived on the scene. In this photo you can see A.'s sister V. swimming out to the floaty thing with an empty pretzel container full of beer.
I was beckoned.

Another lovely meal and starter snacks were created by the Texan contingent....I think they ended up making more meals than the rest, maybe because there were more of them? Maybe because many of them are actually in the food industry and know how to cook for a million people? I don't know. Everything on every night was so good.
This particular night was fajita night. Here the tortillas are grilled.
Here three of the four bros sit.
Here is just one of the copious numbers of plates brimming with grilled chicken and steak.
Along with the meat were corn, guacamole, cheese, oh man and so many other ways to dress up the fajitas.
And for dessert, tres leches with caramel sauce. Can we just bask in this glory? Ugh.
And this concludes the meals I shared with M. and the G. clan. It was such a great time and I'm so grateful that they welcomed me into their fold and forgave me my drunken night. Or at least I think they forgave me. I didn't do anything too terrible. I don't think. Oh god. Now I'm overthinking it...or I'm thinking just the right amount. One can never be sure.

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