Monday, August 15, 2011

Silver Lake Day Two: Steak and More

I can't really tell you much about how I spent the majority of our second full day at Silver Lake. I think M. and A. slept in, and I think regardless of when they awoke, I spent most of my day in the hammock outside the house reading a book. What book? Couldn't tell you. Maybe Gorky Park. Maybe not. It's unclear. But eventually I was enlisted by A.'s dad to help with the presentation of their selection of appetizers, which were served outside. There was also an outdoor bar....this night was my undoing.
So many pies.
A loon doing its looniest.
The ridiculous amount of huge steaks and potatoes needed to feed the G. family and their hangers-on.
A fish caught and then released from the lake.
M. feeding the catcher of said fish a boursin-filled mushroom due to the fishiness of his hands.
Draining the cooler of the meat's marinade.
Slathering it on over an open coal.

The scene before dinner.
At one point we saw something. Not sure what. Probably an otter or lake weasel or something.
M. jumped in to investigate, but I think she didn't really figure out anything that those of us on shore didn't already know. But she does look like just a head, doesn't she?
The set-up for one of the many dinner tables.
Another important step in setting up for dinner.
The meat was nice and pink.
Our table on that specific night. Also another step in my undoing.

Hello there red wine, you are the devil.
The evening's meal was fantastic. Cheese was also featured, but none of my photographs do them glory. After dinner there was much cleaning and drinking and tomfoolery.

No idea who took this photo...but the champagne we were about to start really getting into would officially cause me a severe loss of memory for the rest of the evening. Embarrassing to no end, that.
These two cousins got terrible sunburns as a result of some bad luck with the sailboats. It was actually a pretty funny story. Moreso, I would assume, if you weren't one of the two people stranded in the lake for a long amount of time.

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