Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lunch c/o Filles de Roy

For lunch our plan was to go to Les Filles du Roy. And what a good choice that was. When we first entered the old stone restaurant/hotel we were greeted quickly and were asked to decide between eating in the dining room or on the terrace. We went with the terrace, and what a good call that was. Though the skies threatened to unleash all sorts of awful on us, not a drop marred our meal. This photo is slightly out of order. Soon after sitting down a cat came down an back outdoor stairwell and proceeded to say hello to all the diners and lounge. Looked like a skinnier, perhaps slightly scrappier and yet refined, Zul.

We were on vacation, so we had wine .

I started with their gazpacho, which was a pretty classic take on the dish, but not in any way lacking. The addition of a lettuce leaf garnish was a little strange to me, but it didn't really impact the overall presentation or taste of the dish.
M. and I both gravitated toward the wild boar pancetta and duck confit club. Not only did we gravitate to it, we actually ordered it and then respectively ate it. While we meant to order salad instead of fries, fries were what ended up on our plates and we didn't fuss about it. This was definitely not your average club. The duck was nice and succulent, the pancetta a little richer or darker than some pancetta I've had the pleasure of tasting. The fries were good though after the night before's poutine, I tried not to fill up on the crispy bites.

So, in the sort of lobby/reception area, past the front desk heading towards the back and terrace, there were a whole series of bird cages. There was a blue parrot hanging out outside the cage and at least six other birds in nearby homes. At one point our waiter began serving us and those around us with a bird perched on his shoulder. It enjoyed climbing around his neck and tugging on his collar with its beak. Its name was Coquette. A nice touch, I thought.
We concluded our meal with coffee. This was really a nice dining experience. The ambiance was relatively unique; the terrace perfectly hidden and magic in its vibe while the food was expertly prepared and worth the slightly higher than average price for a sandwich ($16).

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