Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pho c/o Ha Saigon

Last Sunday I woke up wanting something, and I quickly realized that what I wanted was pho. I texted L. to see if she was down and once she confirmed she was, a plan was made. It was rainy but we made it work. And here we are a week later and it is certainly about to rain. So much rain.
I got the steak and fatty brisket combo for my pho, though I must say that the steak wasn't very rare at all. I want it to still be a little pink. Maybe I need to ask for it on the side, and then put the meat in myself.
So I'm in a bit of a funk this morning. I'm still looking for a roommate, and it's getting stressful for reasons I can and cannot discuss. I thought I had found a perfect fit, and, ugh. Can't discuss. It leaves me, this morning, feeling gloomy. And the clear rain that's about to unleash on this day makes me even more gloomy. Is it too early to already give up on this day? Just hunker down and watch movies and read a book? I'm not sure that would even fix it. I need a hug or something. A squeeze. Or a lobotomy. Maybe a shower would be a good starting place, excuse me while I stand out on my porch and let the rain wash all my troubles away.

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nc catherine said...

Ah I hear ya on the bit of a funk. I am longing longing LONGING for rain so my funk might be in part caused by too much heat and dryness. Except it is ridiculously humid...dry ground humid air. Bad combo. Maybe it is a moon phase and not you or me. I am shipping a cyber hug and bad jokes....