Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pick Me Up, Modo Mio Style

You may have noticed that I'm a bit of a Debbie Downer lately. You would notice this even more if you knew me in real life, but even the blog's tone has been a little sadsack as of late. Last Saturday the sadsack really went into high gear, and when I texted L. with my misery she suggested that we look into whether Modo Mio had any openings. This was a very good idea. L. is pretty smart. I called the restaurant and had the option of either a 5:30 reservation or a 9:45 reservation. I went with the early bird time because my misery couldn't wait. Back when we went to Gettysburg Dad bought a few bottles of wine and gave them to me, so I pulled out the Bordeaux as my wine contribution to the evening. It was a good one.
I started with a stuffed artichoke. I can't quite tell you what all was inside of it, but I was surprised by the whole thing. The bottom of the dish was smoked mozzarella, then the artichoke was filled with a mix of meat and other things, topped with chopped tomatoes. It was served at room temperature, and while I understood that was how it was supposed to be, I think I would have actually enjoyed it more heated. The cheese would have been melty, the stuffing a little more interesting. I don't know. It wasn't the best thing ever.
I went with the special pasta of the night, which was a baked dish with three different cheeses and those tiny pastas. Crap, I can't remember what they're called. And tomato. This pleased me, though I still had visions of that damn raviolo in my head. I wish that Modo Mio had a twitter feed that would let me know in advance when that raviolo will show its face again.
I decided that was the night that I would finally order their whole fish. Now, like a jerk, I've forgotten what the fish was. It was good. It had teeth.
At some point we were given this arugula and raisin side, which I always like.
And Modo Mio wouldn't be complete without the complimentary sambuca shot.
L. took this photo and I like it. It's strange that for the first 25 years of my life nail polish simply wasn't my thing, and now it is. Deep thought of the day folks.
For dessert I ordered the pannacotta with peach puree. I think this was it, though at first they gave me another dessert.
I'm a lady, always covering my mouth when I laugh while stuffing my face with sweetness and gulping down cappucino.
Our night continued after dinner and involved various stops and conversations, but none of that was documented. Mad props go out to L. for the Modo Mio pick me up!

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LW said...

it was just what the dr. ordered;-)

keep up the stream of consciousness, it's my favorite part!!!