Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Different Point of View

M. and A.'s cabin came with its own dock and canoe, and was about fifteen minutes away from the main point of action. By 15 minutes I don't actually mean 15 minutes. It was more like a three minute drive or a ten minute walk. But if the lake were a clock and B. and W.'s house was 12, then the cabin was about fifteen minutes from that 12. I have no idea why I'm using such a shitty metaphor. Or wait, is that an analogy? In any case, on my last full day in the Adirondacks, I spent a good bit of my time on this mostly neglected by us dock, reading Gorky Park. Really wanted to finish the damn thing, and sequestered myself with every intention of doing so. Didn't succeed but the effort must count for something. The view was delicious.

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