Saturday, August 20, 2011

Boquerones and Fries c/o McCrossen's

Soon after my return to Philly a great wave of melancolia swept over me. It's just not as pretty as all the other places I had been, Montreal perhaps being the exception. I continue to struggle with appreciating what I do have in my Philly life instead of focusing on what my Philly life lacks, and nearly two weeks away made caused that struggle to buck and rear and generally throw me all around in a way I didn't like. So I texted L. and asked her if she wanted to get a beer at McCrossen's. She did, so we met and went. I had their boquerones again, which continues to be a pleasing and somehow surprising dish. Something about it pops.
We decided to split an order of fries too. And while the struggle continues, this reminded me of why Philly isn't all bad.

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