Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Day at the Beach, Prominently Featuring Dolphins

Once we were properly caffeinated we walked to the beach. It's not a bad walk, maybe half a mile or a little more, and it spits you out onto a stretch of beach far enough away from the park's main 'bath house' that you get to have a little more space and room to yourself. No throngs. No blankets touching blankets. It's lovely. I had enticed many to come to Delaware more with the promise of dolphins than the majesty of my company, so it was very important that the ocean gods delivered. And deliver they did. Look closely for the dolphins please.
Mr. Ass scanning the horizon for the dolphins. In this particular shot it looks like none surfaced, but seconds on either side I'm sure their fins were glistening in the sunlight.
K.H. was fancy free...though her fancy free-ness came at a price. You'll see.
I cropped this photo so you could see more of the dolphins, but it's a little grainy. I need a better zoom. Or something.

Proof that we were at the same place at the same time ... and that I have a gut and K.H. is ripped.
K.H. lounging. A high price she would pay. Oh yes. You'll see.
Dolphins are the theme of this post.
Mr. Ass and C.P. said that one point they saw a dolphin do a flip. But I missed it, which made me sad since I haven't seen that since my first visit to the beach in 2009. I think it was 2009.
K.H., Mr. Ass and I played Scrabble. I forget who won.
On the walk back I saw this baby deer. I like baby deer because they have freckles, and so do I!

I like yellow birds.


nc catherine said...

Ah I want to be at the beach!

Who brought the bird feeder?

Dolphins are totally cool. I have never in all my beach going years ever seen one spin. I am impressed.

cc said...

There are a few sites that are reserved for 'hosts.' Who are basically long-term (two weeks or more I think) campers who, I guess, make friends with others or make sure everything is as it should be.
They usually have more homey set ups and full service RVs...and in this case a bird feeder.