Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Walk to Old City

The next morning we awoke, had our breakfasts and then prepared for an afternoon of walking around and lunch. We went along the park, which really was quite lovely and headed towards the older part of the city.

At some point in the afternoon M. and I discussed what this place would look like in snow. She would want to see it. I would not. This is a fundamental difference in how we view snow, I think.
There really were some charming buildings along our walk and once we got to the older part of town the charm just increased.

M. wanted to see - if only at a distance - the buildings constructed for the 1967 expo. And that we did do. At one point we were commenting on the tour boat motoring in front of us, and how bad the food on such vessels is when M. yelped with excitement at what she professed was a large fish jumping out of the water. I doubted her entirely ... until a few minutes later I, too, saw quite a big fish jump out of the water. I'd say it was at least 10 pounds of fish. Very cool. At another moment in time I convinced myself a duck was an otter. But that turned out to be a lie.

It threatened to rain for most of the day, but I don't think it really ever unleashed as much as it led us to believe.

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