Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Hurricane Whoicane?

So it's raining now. The tree by my bedroom is beginning to rustle with the wind. Things are definitely picking up. I feel like I've done as much as I'm going to do in terms of prep, but I worry that there are holes in my planning.

I have:
1. Filled the tub with water (though the drain thingy isn't a perfect seal so I've tried to jerry rig it so it doesn't keep leaking ... but it keeps leaking)
2. Bought asundry (?) things to snack on that don't need to be cooked but maybe not the most pratcial of things
3. Used additional containers so that I have plenty of Brita water filter
4. Located my flashlight and lantern, as well as the collection of candles that NC C. gave me for Christmas :)
5. Decided to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer until the power goes out or I get bored. I may also try watching Dr. Zhivago on Netflix...until the power/internet goes out
6. Moved my car a little so it's on a hill and not directly next to a tree
7. Took my car's title out of the car
8. Eaten cookies and had a glass of white wine
9. Poached a salmon and cooked some beets
10. Tried to get the deck a little less full of projectiles

And there you have it folks.

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nc catherine said...

These all sound like good precautions. One of the cousins had a funny story about some goofy woman he knew who, in ruminating about hurricane or ice storm preparedness, announced that she didn't really like tuna and bought goldfish instead...somehow that has always made me snort with laughter. Taking the title out of the car, good move! Be safe as all the news heads say, and maybe move your bed away from the window...just sayin'....