Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Weekend Walk to Rittenhouse and Eggs c/o Parc

Last Saturday I accidentally got up much earlier than I meant to and then didn't know what to do with myself. Even after lollygagging for quite some time in bed, I still found myself with many a morning hour to pass, so I rolled myself into acceptable clothing for the outside world and took myself on a walk. I didn't really have a purpose, but I figured I'd go to Rittenhouse Square and check our their weekend farmer's market before maybe sitting and having a coffee somewhere. These morning glories are pretty and on 21st Street. Somehow I feel like they are the harbinger of colder days ahead, and I hate them for that.
The market was of decent size and I saw all sorts of things I could potentially eat and love, but I had a pretty full drawer of produce at home so I managed to keep myself from purchasing anything.
The flower stalls were extremely tempting, but I managed to avoid plunking money there as well. I did this mainly by reminding myself that the apartment was in a state of great upheaval due to S. being in the process of moving out, so a nice bouquet of flowers would go .... nowhere safe. Maybe this weekend I'll buy flowers.
I love brain flowers.

After taking in all the farmers market stalls there were to take in, I noticed that Parc's outdoor seating area wasn't awash in people. I liked the idea of sitting quietly and watching the edge of the park and the people going by, so that is what I did. I ordered a cafe au lai, and was a little disappointed to find that its size didn't quite match the French bistro vibe authenticity monitor I have in my purse at all times. It was a lovely cup of cafe au lait, but not nearly right in terms of portion. Too dainty.
For my meal I ordered the poached eggs with asparagus, parmesan and a mushroom puree with a fancy name that I forget. The eggs were perfectly cooked. I was surprised by the asparagus being chopped, but wasn't grumpy about it, and the mushroom sauce was decent as well. I also learned that one of the girls at the table next to me is engaged. The man on the other side of me wasn't pleased with his meal, but when two different people came over to ask him what they could do to rectify the situation, he said nothing. I wonder if they gave him something for free. I wonder if anything was really wrong, or if he was just being grumpy.
Serious yolk action going on.
Sigh. Here is my 'woe is me' moment of the morning. So I need to find a roommate. Preferably by September 1st. I have yet to be able to do so. I had one really great prospect but lost him for reasons that are dumb and hurt my heart. Basically I was honest about something that might happen ... only to learn that it wasn't going to happen one day after the prospect signed someone else's lease. The fact that this one thing isn't happening has also made me sad. I thought I was making some small kind of progress in a direction of goodness, but now I feel like I'm entering into another year of all the same stuff with no real positive change or growth. I told you this was 'woe is me.' And to cap it off, my second 'faux 30th beach weekend' is in terrible peril because of the likelihood of Hurricane Irene. I really wanted another weekend like that, and while I am still excited about figuring out some backup activities with the folks that were going to come to the beach but who will (probably) end up in Philly instead ... well, it's just not the same. It's not pretty. It's not seafood at Fin's. It's not sitting around a fire listening to crickets. But I need to accentuate the positive. It is hanging with folks I love and haven't seen in some time. It is an opportunity to enjoy myself in Philly instead of constantly fleeing. Sigh. I am grumpy. But the breakfast above was not grumpy.


nc catherine said...

We should all sing Good Night Irene at the top of our lungs and make her go far far out to sea so you can have your faux 30th at the beach, redux.

Sorry about the roommate situation and the other ones I am intuiting....

The poached egg looked deeeeeelishious.

. said...

I'm sorry, Carikuber. I am stuck paying the mortgage on a house in Louisiana, which is not accumulating any value. (uh. duh. someone tell the me of 3 years ago that.) But I am trying to move home anyway, so when I do, come stay with me and we can drive to the beach when there is no 'cane. I am also enamored with that egg. Come down to NOLA anytime and we can eat his lost brothers at Brennan's or somewhere...