Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Country Candles

A rare thing is on the verge of happening folks. My blog life is almost caught up with my real life. This happens every so often, but on the whole my blog runs about a week or two weeks behind ... this gives me a sense of always having something to write about on the blog. But with the exception of the meal I had last night, I'm pretty up to date. And, horror of horrors, I don't have any concrete plans for large scale adventure or exciting meals on my horizons. Whatever shall I do? In any case, on Sunday Mr. Ass invited me up to the country for dinner. I really dislike leaving my house after 7 on a 'school night' but I hadn't interacted with any people since Friday, so it seemed like enjoying the country and human conversation might be a good idea and off I went. I was remiss in my photography as far as the meal was concerned. Mr. Ass grilled/cooked chicken and boiled a little pasta and we sat outside with a bunch of candles (the electricity kept going on and off) for a spell.
I wish I had made it up a little earlier so I could have had a better view of the flooding that Mr. Ass told me had happened but it was too dark by the time I got there/I wasn't wearing proper shoes for traipsing in muck.
I really need to make exciting dinner plans for some time soon.

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nc catherine said...

I think post-hurricane candles in mason jars in the country on a school night are perfectly acceptable.

I posted on the pizza blog but it got eaten ha ha by the cyber gremlins. Not the first time this has happened but I thought I would tell you. Earlier like years ago posts that got eaten were little miracles of memory writing but they didn't make it to the blog for you to ascertain their greatness heh heh...I so overrate my never-seen posts.

Here is hoping Katia stays far away...Oh tell your friends and colleagues that if they bought hurricane preparedness foodstuffs that they won't eat in real life, donate them to the nearest food bank. I am telling all my friends that, makes sense to me and why stare at too many cans of (fill in the blank) when you don't have room? Water of course mostly keeps but economically depressed public high school teams can use it...End of Public Service Announcement.