Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Onion Bialy c/o Tivoli Bread and Baking

While you might think that this would be the end of what seems like a neverending vacation, you'd be quite wrong. Though this certainly was the last part of my New York adventures. As I headed out of town. Well, that's not accurate, I drove out of my way to go here so it was more 'before I got on the road.' Let's start again. Before I got on the road, I drove to Tivoli to get coffee and some magic treat from M.'s Tivoli Bread and Baking wonderfest. The place has a tiny front and most of the space is dedicated to the baking of tasty treats. M. seems to encourage a very convivial and familiar atmosphere in the shop, or maybe I only feel that way because he almost always invites me into the baking part of the establishment and shows me his newest treats and answers my dumb questions about baking. In this instance he showcased his onion bialies (bialys?), which were a new addition to the roster of baked goods he serves up. While we talked he was rolling out croissants while his assistants were adding chocolate chips to things and prepping yet other things. I ended up asking for a cherry scone, but M. insisted that I also try one of the bialies. I wasn't sure that it would really be my thing, but I don't say no to the maker of things that are tasty ... unless they have bananas in them. So I had a bialy as well. See above. He was right to insist. What seemed like just a dusting of now-crunchy onions was in fact a deep well of sweet caramelized onions. It was magic in every bite, I tell you what. I gnoshed on it as I drove out of Tivoli, passing many, many memories and locations along the way.

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