Monday, August 29, 2011

Particularly Pretty Pizza with Grown Up Pupster

As often comes to be, I had to do laundry last week. C. and I set up a day and time for such a thing. I bought a big bottle of white wine, and she put in our standard pepperoni/mushroom combo. It was a lovely evening, so we sat outside. And when the pizza arrived I was just blown away by its prettiness. I think C. was too. We decided not to eat it, in fact. Instead we ran out to Lowe's and made a frame and framed the pizza. Right now it's hanging in C. and R.'s apartment, but in a few months I'll take a turn. I have no idea why I even went on that particular fiction...we ate the pizza, and it was quite satisfying. No frames. A great evening as always - thanks to C!

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