Friday, August 12, 2011

Walk About and Bily Kun Bar

After our early bird dinner, we took a walk around the Plateau neighborhood and then headed into perhaps more of that neighborhood, or another one just next to it? Unclear. This happened, which was magical. One man who passed by suggested I contort myself so it looked like I was holding the chicken. I did this, but the photograph didn't make me look as cute, so you don't get to see it. Them's the breaks.
At some point we realized that we had made a terrible mistake going north, that what we really needed were a few days of relaxation in Mexico with a bucket of Coronas. It started out okay...but M. got a little out of hand.
Alternatively M. and I came across this strange promo for Corona in a parking lot, and M. very demurely put her purse on the dirty floor and then laid her head just so for the photograph. Or! We went to Mexico and found this in a Mexican parking lot. Oh man, that would be so weird.
After much walking around and two disappointing experiences with sitting down at a place only to be ignored for ten minutes or more, we finally arrived at Bily Kun bar. I had a Czech Budweis and a shot of whiskey to soothe my aching feet. M. demonstrated that this was a definite finger full.
We enjoyed the bar, which specializes in all things Czech and I'm glad that M.'s determination to find it outweighed my whiny feet.
Then we traipsed home. Well, we didn't traipse as much as walk. And it was quite happening on a Friday night. People walking around, sitting outside, doing all the things young people in urban environments do.

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nc catherine said...

I was in a fussy antiques store in a funny NC mountain town and there happened to be a pair of painted ceramic (well the sign said porcelain but whatever) roosters. Meant to be together as one was a rooster rampant and the other was a rooster not rampant, head down and feathers intimidated.

I had seen your mural portrait and decided yes these roosters were for you. Unfortunately everything in the store was either $495 or $2465. So well no rampant or not rampant rooster tchotkes for you. Sorry. I did tell the teen and my traveling pals about your rooster mural and desire for a rooster tattoo. The she of my traveling pair is an artist so if you want to travel down this road of design (yeah I know I am jumping ahead in the threads) let me know. She would totally get Audubon and Japan. Yep she would.