Thursday, August 18, 2011


As some may know, I get really weird about schedules from time to time. At some points in my life, I don't care. Show up whenever. Leave whenever. Loosey goosey. Other times, however, I am severely unable to relax and like things to happen at set times. I was overcome in this way when it came to our departure time for dinner. But that's not entirely necessary to know for these photographs, now that I think about it. Once we all returned to our respective campsites, I took a shower while others did other things. Then we all enjoyed - or maybe not all...most? - a beer and light conversation. C.S., K.H., and Mr. Ass all demonstrated the wonders of 'beach hair' admirably.

I insisted that everyone wave. And most everyone humored me.
My hair was not beachy because I had showered. Yep. Fresh as a daisy I was. And yet still acting like a jackal.

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