Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Burrito c/o Bubby's Burrito, Hospitality c/o L. and M.

The next morning I gathered all my stuff together - I have a tendency to just scatter my belongings all over the place if I'm going to be in the same place for more than 48 hours (it's a bit of a problem) - I hit the road. Getting out of the Adirondacks takes some time, as it's all two lane roads. I had to get to my next destination at a certain time, and had factored in an hour's leeway but that wasn't enough when I got stuck behind two trucks. Every time I had an opportunity to pass the leading truck would suddenly put its brakes on, which made me very nervous. The last thing I wanted was to pass truck 2 going 65 miles per hour just to find that the spot I planned on jumping into had suddenly gotten smaller. So for about two hours I was stuck behind two trucks that didn't go fast enough. In my humble opinion.
But eventually I got to the mid-Hudson Valley Region and made my semi-annual pilgrimage to Bubby's burrito stand. I bought three, all with guac. I meant to take another photgraph of my burrito after I added some spicy sauce to its insides ... but I was hungry and did no such thing. You might be wondering why I bought three burritos. Well, because I was going to enjoy my burrito with my former college professor and M. the baker (anonymity for small business owners is a crapshoot). When I last saw L. she was just thinking about buying a ramshackle house and putting in the hard work necessary to turn it into something special. Six years later she's done a lot!
She's done a lot, and yet I took not a single photograph of her house. Photo fail. Just believe me when I tell you that if you're like me, you went into that house and wanted to live there. She doesn't have a lot of land, but on every side of her there are protected acres of farm and orchard. Seriously. You want to be her. I want to be her. We all want to be her. No big deal. In addition to soooooo much renovation on the house, they also rehabbed the house's old chicken coop and turned it into a guest house. A magic lovely guest house. While my initial plan was just to stop by for a meal and chat for a while, when L. offered to let me stay in the chicken coop for the night ... well, I didn't fight that offer very much at all. L. recently got a puppy for M. Where is it?
Right here!
A cute, enthusiastic puppy is what this little gal is.
Though she's not entirely into jumping on ottomans on anyone's command quite yet.
Though a little cajoling might do it.
Cute, cute puppy.
The view of the mountains at around sunset. Jealous? Yeah, me too.
The coop from the outside.

The coop from the inside. That bed was so ridiculously comfortable. It was hard to leave, knowing that Philadelphia lacked in all ways the charm of Red Hook, New York and L.'s hospitality and style.
A big thanks to L. and M. for their company and hospitality!

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nc catherine said...

What an awesome do-over! Who knew chickens had it so good in Red Hook so that later human guests could have it so good! Love the whole panelled thing going on.