Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Snacks c/o Fare, Booze c/o McCrossens and Autumn Planning

So last Friday LW and I met up in order to enjoy the last of the not so bad weather before the hurricane. We decided to start our evening at Fare, the newest restaurant in the neighborhood. This is what an alley looked like as the sun set, with the help of photoshop.
I ordered a glass of Belleruche Chapoutier Viognier, which was good but not earth shattering in its goodness.
LW ordered their chicken thighs while I chose to try their small plate of braised leeks and fennel with nicoise olives and goat cheese. My first bite was kind of bland, I liked the texture fine enough but even with the olives there wasn't a lot of bite or pop going on. This improved once I actually got a smear of the goat cheese, which was buried underneath the leeks and fennel.
The baguette-like bread accompanying the dish was nicely toasty but still forgiving on the teeth with a nice chewiness going on. LW wasn't amazed by her chicken, and I wasn't amazed by this ... but I would give the place one more try before giving up the ghost.
After our meals we embarked to McCrossen's where we enjoyed a few beers and asked T. to solve our life problems. T.'s advice to me involved continuing to write my blog but to stop with the meandering, stream of consciousness content. Which reminds me of this one time when I was in high school and there was a dance and many of us got drunk...which, come to think of it, reminds me of this other time, in college, when I made the most revelatory comment in a literature class and was summarily applauded by all of my peers all of whom were drunk and sitting on unicorns. I'm sorry, was I saying something? Oh yes, so according to T. my life's problems are unsolvable. What a terrible angle for me. It really brings out my turtle features in a way that I'd rather stayed hidden. Alas.
According to LW I may be better off in life if I join a dart team...So now it seems that I'm going to be on a dart team. I will not buy darts. No. LW's friend and I will share her castoffs. I plan on buying THE SPERMINATOR flights in order to stand out from the crowd. I think it perfectly represents my character and capabilities. My nickname on the team will officially be: "C the closer C." It has more of a ring to it if I used my real name.

A good time was had by me and I think LW. And while most of my life's problems haven't actually been solved, I'm not going to moan about it any more. Tonight.


Anonymous said...

Roommate-solved. Dart-less life-solved. Foray into philosophically-driven-yet-underwhelmingly-delivering restaurant-solved. Editorial input-not so solved. T.

Anonymous said...

Fare is officially on Deathwatch:2012! (mid-Spring edition)

LW said...

I love how the solution to my life is to play less/fewer darts and the solution to your life is to start playing. one girl's problem is another's solution.

nc catherine said...

What turtle reference??? Ain't no turtle in your lovely face. Maybe turtle in a deep place in your soul, about which I got nuthin', but not so much visible!

T's philosophy could apply all the time: darts not-darts..this not-this..go not-go. An all purpose fill in the blank philosophy.

cc said...

Turtle-like as far as small head, big body.

nc catherine said...

Um weren't you a bald big headed baby once? Still not turtling! Altho we are all so peculiar about what we look like. I think you look great. So there!!!!!