Monday, August 22, 2011

Beer and Sausage c/o Frankford Hall

Mr. Ass and I have discussed going to Frankford Hallf for quite some time. Maybe just a month. Maybe longer. That discussion finally became a reality last week.
I am still very much in a Kolsch appreciation mode, so I gravitated to that beer choice when it came to choosing what to drink. The mugs were huge! $12 for a liter of beer. I think that's right? Yes. I liked this beer.
Not sure what Mr. Ass ended up with. But it, too, was huge!
For my meal I went with the Kasekreiner - a beef/pork sausage with cheese, and went with the sauerkraut for my side. I also asked for a homemade pickle. Mr. Ass felt that $7 for a sausage wasn't right. I didn't have quite as strong an impression about the cost, though when I think about it maybe I'd prefer to spend $10 for two sausages. They charged $1 for buns. The sauerkraut didn't rock my world, and the pickle was decent. The sausage itself was pretty good, I liked that every once and a while an oozey gob of cheese would appear.
It was a Monday or Tuesday, so it wasn't too crowded or crazy. But I can see how this would be a place - while the weather is still good - for larger groups to get some serious drink and gaming on. Jenga and the like. A rousing round of Uno, perhaps. I'm glad I finally made it up and over to this latest Stephen Starr establishment. Is it on my 'must go back' list? Maybe on a lazy fall afternoon, maybe.

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nc catherine said...

Wow that is some monster beer, indeed! I would worry that it would get tepid before I could finish it. I have been experimenting with NC breweries, even tho I am not noted for my beer drinking, and have found a couple I like, including one out of Raleigh that makes a mean brown ale. Who knew. If this heat doesn't break soon I may test all the NC breweries from the Wall of Beer in a local independent grocery. Bow down before the Wall of Beer and be cool...or cooled off...