Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wine, Soup and Salad c/o Agiato

At some point last week. Or perhaps the week before? My old-new-who knows-whatever friend G. asked me if I might like to take advantage of a coupon he had for Agiato. Actually he had asked this a few weeks before - on Easter Sunday - and I had looked at the place's menu and said yes. Unfortunately for both of us, it was closed at that time. So: dream deferred. But on this secondary attempt, the place was open, so out to Manayunk we went. It was not an entirely unpleasant night, but a little windy. I would have been slightly happier had I been wearing leggings, but sitting outside was, on the whole, quite nice. Manayunk on whatever day of the week it was (Tuesday?) isn't as overrun with douchebags and their accessories as on other nights of the week. So. I started with a glass of wine. I forget what it was. Honestly, I didn't love it. It kind of had that 'I'm one of the last glasses from a bottle that's been open for a while' tastes.
I tried their mushroom soup, which I liked on the whole though I felt as if it could have been slightly creamier.
I DIY'ed the extra creaminess for my soup by taking small dollops from the polenta arrosto with taleggio fondu and asparagus antipasti dish that caught G.'s eye. I'm telling you: cheese makes everything better. Unless you are lactose intolerant, then that statement would be entirely false. Suckers.
For my main eating I went with the poached tuna, hard cooked egg, greens and olive dressing salad. Meh. Though the salad was well dressed as in quite drenched, the dressing itself lacked any real flavor note or profile. I thought a little bit of salt and citrus would have really improved the whole thing. The tuna couldn't do all the work. I also was a little surprised that they didn't go ahead and add olives to the mix. Our server, who was quite friendly and personable, actually referred to my salad as being 'nicoise' as he put it in front of me, which made the lack of olives that much stranger to me. I'm not trying to be a hater. I enjoyed it; I took the leftovers home and enjoyed them again ... but you know what I did when I ate them? I added a good squeeze of lemon juice is what I did.
G. had a tomato pepper soup and a chicken panini. I feel like he said at least one quotable thing about his thoughts on the meal, but they have escaped me at the moment. Alas.

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