Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gazpacho and Burgers c/o Rembrandt's

While I haven't gotten a raise or any new title, I have gained a bit more responsibility in the office this year. This responsibility came in the form of being part of our recruiting process for new hires. After a number of campus visits, a slightly wider cast net and so very many editing test conversations, we finally sent out offers to our faves, one of whom isn't from the area. In an effort to sway her into joining us in our work, we took her out to lunch. We went to Rembrandt's, which I haven't been to since they switched ownership. Or, if I have, not since they changed the menu quite a bit. C. and I were equally interested in the lamb and 21 day aged burgers and decided that we would each order one, cut it in half and switch. Which, in case you couldn't figure that out, meant that we got to try both. And let me just tell you something. These burgers? Really good. Way juicy. Way cooked to order. Way flavorful. Way, way, way too great.
And so filling. C. later said that she felt like she had a food baby inside her. This grossed me out, but is accurate.
I started with the green gazpacho, which I could only say good things about if you were to ask me, which you really don't have to since you're already reading this. Seriously, I'm giving this place mad props. I basically wrote off the place on the basis of food after meh crab cakes a few years back, but believe you me, they're back on my radar with these freakin' crazy burgers.

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LW said...

I may or may not go to Rembrandt's tonight because of this praise. how does it compare to VW?