Saturday, May 07, 2011

A Bagel for the Canada Transplant

The next morning K. was interested in having a egg sandwich. It seems that in Toronto such things don't exist. How can this be? How?! I always consider an egg and cheese (sometimes sausage) sandwich a clear mark of humanity's superiority over all other living things (not really), and to think that Canada is behind on such an important benchmark disconcerts me greatly. It was Easter Sunday, which meant that our first stop at Rybread was disappointing, as it was closed. So we went to Garden Fresh Produce and Deli. I'd actually had one of their bagel/egg sandwiches on another morning about four months ago, but I was so hungover on that particular day that I couldn't photograph the sandwich as much as shovel it into my mouth and hope against hope that my brain would stop hurting. All to say, they make a good sandwich.
We walked back to my place and ate on the deck. Because deck days are here again in a major way.

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