Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Seeds of Change

Once we returned to the Ts' homestead, I decided to take the old dog walk, or at least part of it, to stretch my legs after all that sitting. I also wanted to check out all the things I remember from childhood in the woods and make sure it remained as I wanted it to be. As I left, Dad had some nice light surrounding him.
This used to be grass.
Deer in the background.
There was a giant puddle on the bridge. I ran and jumped over it because there was not a way around it that didn't involve inches-deep mud.
But it really was a wide puddle, and I wasn't all that successful in not getting my feet grimed.
In November when I took this walk, this view would have looked like this. The angle isn't exactly the same, but I think you can tell that there's a pretty huge difference between the two, angles aside. It was rather traumatic. The path we usually took to get to the field has been overgrown a bit, and the break in the fence is no more. The entire former field has a huge fence around it. Made me sad.

And a whole lot of trees and honeysuckle are no more.
This was a big tree.
This is how I feel about changes and surprises that are negative and not fun at all.


nc catherine said...

Wow I am glad you gave me a warning about the McKinney Hills demolition, I am simply stunned by this photos. And what are they (the big they whoever they are) putting up? Yuppie condos (hmmm in the lingering recession of the 2010s, I think not), old folks home? Not a school as MD has no money for schools, even Montgomery County...Sigh. And yes that was one big tree. Sad. I loved walking through there at dusk in the dead hot part of summer, and getting a whiff of a breeze and a whiff of honeysuckle and sometimes wild roses. Progress ain't all it is cracked up to be.

jess p said...

So sad. But that's a great picture of your dad.

Huckleberry said...

This is sad.

I wonder, does it ever happen the other way round? As in: there's an ugly abandoned run-down industrial building of some sort, and some years later there's a beautiful meadow there instead?

Huckleberry said...

(I just remembered an example of when such a thing actually happened: in a city in which I used to live, they put a section of a thoroughfare underground, and now there's a small park and a playground where a particularly large intersection used to be.)

cc said...

No condos, thank goodness. A new school. Still sad.