Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Asparagus Bites and Crabbies

I had more than enough left over crab to invite L. on over for a second day of crab cakes and corn. I also haphazardly egged and panko-ed a few asparagus bites, but it was too haphazard to result in an altogether final product.
The cakes did well for themselves.
As did the corn.
And the sun.
I wish the sun would come out again; it's been raining for what feels like days.

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nc catherine said...

Crabcakes! Yay will you make me some? I will even buy the crab meat...maybe Costco's maybe something recently picked at the beach...they look wonderful.

We are at a nasty 60 degrees. My tomato plants are givin' me the plant-ish evil eye: why is it so freakkkin' cold and where did the sun go? I am over the rain that is endless here too. OVER IT.