Sunday, May 22, 2011

Elephant's Eye Studio Stop and High School

After the caverns we returned briefly to our home base and snarfed down some cheese and cold pork before getting into Duckie, Ambassador Iron Face and heading out to the Newtown area. Mr. Ass was participating in the Elephant's Eye Studio Tour and I thought L. and Fat T. might like to see his work and meet him. Mr. Ass' studio is quite a magical place full of things to look at and ponder on, which I would assume leads it to be a good space for actually making art. He seems to manage ok on that front.
I haven't told him this I don't think, but I think that Mr. Ass should be painting more chickens, not statues or figurines of chickens. But that's mainly because I like chickens.

Also at the Mr. Ass studio stop was the work and person of Jenny Kanzler. She had one 'site-specific' (for lack of a better phrase) installment that I liked very much but was strangely hesitant of photographing in front of her, so I didn't. Now who's the ass?
Mr. Ass was busy talking himself and his work up to those who stopped by. While L., Fat T. and I were simply visitors, at least one hope was that he could drum up a few new buyers. So after a bit we took our leave and went on to my old high school. Once we got to campus and saw a preponderance of cars I realized that it was, in fact, alumni weekend. We got there late enough in the day that most of the hustle and bustle and chance of running into random people I didn't mean to see had passed. I ran into my favorite math teacher and said hello to her for a moment. Yep. I hate math, but I did enjoy P.M.'s teaching style and outlook on life and it was nice to say hello ever so briefly and unexpectedly. It started to rain at some point, which meant we didn't go on too extensive a walking tour, but L. and Fat T. certainly got the highlights of the place I called home for four years. We stopped by the post office and I was able to remember my box number. And 'lo these many years later, look what you can still make out. I forget who wrote my name on the box to begin with, but I'm glad the legacy of that defacing has stood the test of more than 10 years.

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