Monday, May 23, 2011

A Soft Shell Crab Feast

After we returned from our travels across Bucks County, we had a bit of quiet time. I began prepping the soft shell crabs we would eat for dinner by soaking them in milk that I laced with ginger. Eventually the time came to get to the frying part, but first L. created a lovely salad and we set the table with nautically themed plates. Nautically? Does that apply to plates with fish on them, or would that be better suited to plates with ships on them?
The salad consisted of mixed greens, an orange pepper and garbanzo beans.

I bought seven crabs and dredged them in salted flour then milky eggs and then salted flour again. The first batch was lacking because I hadn't allowed the oil to heat up enough. The second batch was lovely.

We also cooked asparagus served with a little butter.

Fat T. and L. kept asking me if you could really eat the whole thing, and I assured them that this was so. In the end Fat T. was a trooper and gave them a shot, but wasn't altogether enamored. I think that perhaps L. had more positive feelings about the whole thing.
This is me eating one of Fat T.'s rejected crabs. Well, this is me first having the crab act as my smiling smiley face.
And I'm not exactly sure what's going on here. I may have been singing a little song about how I was going to put this crab in my belly. I may have also been making said crab do a little jig about that eventuality. But that may not be what happened at all.


LW said...

In no particular order, I want so many of the things in this post to happen in Philly, i.e. "L.", you, crabs, lemons.

Also, just finished Children of God. Will be waiting for you with a return date extended to June 13th.

nc catherine said...

Oh holy cow and I thought I was being so extravagant with my wee softies by patting them dry, dredging them in a bit of flour and flinging them into a sizzling hot pan that had some cloves of garlic swirling around. I confess, I bought four, they were ok sized, I ate them all. Every scrap. In one sitting. Maybe with roasted asparagus and I drank some white wine. Yup. Loved it.

cc said...

LW: you know that can come to be.

NC: Yeah if there are crabs in NC we can do that thing. Have a crab cook off and have Dad as the judge. Or just stuff ourselves with no judgment.

nc catherine said...

Yes a soft shell cook off, no judgment just lots of eating! And sneering sidelong glances from the non-seafood eating teen. Who so can't be my kid: no seafood, no sliced tomatoes. Wow.