Thursday, May 19, 2011

Country Times

Last Friday I set out for the country. L. and I had agreed that she and maybe Fat T. would come up and join me and that I would cook them soft shell crabs and we would just enjoy the whole country life for a bit, but then there was talk of Fatty bowing out and L. not arriving until Saturday. It was all very uncertain there for a minute. At least as far as whether I would be flying solo on the weekend or not. Even not knowing when/if L. and Fat T. would arrive, I got up to the area not so much after noon to find myself temporarily locked out. In that time I used my fancy phone to get important contact information ... and saw a WILD TURKEY. I tried to chase it so I could take a better photograph. That didn't work out so well.
Do you see it? Gobble gobble.
Once I came to terms with the turkey's escape, I took a quick walk around. Some other bird met its doom in a pretty major way.
Eventually I learned that L. and Fat T. were going to come on Friday, which meant that I needed to make them something to eat once they got in. It was still early enough that I ran out (ran out wouldn't suggest a 25 minute drive) to the Giant and picked up a pork shoulder and other things to make for dinner. During my prepping of the pork and slicing of garlic and other such things I cut myself because S.'s knives are way, way sharper than my own. And because I forgot I was staying in a house that a grown up had a hand in, I didn't think to look for bandaids. No. I went straight for the paper towels and random ribbons. And a photograph was born.
I basically just walked and sat around outside for the rest of the day, drinking beer and champagne at a slow pace and reading Cod, the book.
I also took copious photographs of myself spinning around because I so liked the outcome of such activity last year.

The upshot of this whole thing (not quite the right phrase because what was the downshot?) was that L. was tricky and never let me know when they left NYC, which caused me to assume that they were going to be mad late. And then at around 8 I get a text telling me that they're going to be there at 8:15. I assumed this was a typo. I was wrong. Less than five minutes later L. and Fatty were in residence. So fantastic! You'll see the food and other things later on.

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