Saturday, May 07, 2011

Meatball c/o McCrossens

A new week, as you will see, brought me to McCrossens more than is probably good for me or my wallet. On a Monday L. and I went and had a drink and I tried the meatball from the restaurant's new menu. I liked it. I liked it very much.
Another day there was a $3 flatbread special. So we went back and partook. I liked it. I liked the crispiness of the bread and the caper pesto.
Oh my god. I'm listening to NPR and they're interviewing people who believe in the rapture. These people are saying that they feel relieved and have stopped worrying about 401K and jobs. One couple, with a two year old and a baby due in June say that they'll be broke by May 21st because who needs money when you'll be raptured. I am so livid with the crazy of this. Livid!

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T. said...

A meatball induced Rapture!