Thursday, May 12, 2011

Kolsch and Flatbread c/o McCrossen's

I had long been anticipating (re: maybe a week) the Kolsch-style beer that McCrossens' planned on tapping. Full Circle is the brewery, I think. Or maybe Six Points? This is the least informative blog post ever. This beer is just right for me. Has flavor but isn't so hopped up or wheaty. I hope they keep it around.
The flatbread continued to be quite good on this, my third experience eating it.


LW said...

New Holland is the brewery - Full Circle is the name of the beer mmmmmm

LW said...

0 comments???? I guess you don't want your readers to know the brewery....jk / i know what really happened. For the record, New Holland brews the Kolsch called Full Circle.