Saturday, May 07, 2011

Cheese & Wine Pairing c/o McCrossen's

So McCrossen's has started having monthly cheese/wine tastings. A guy who works at DiBruno Bros. picks the cheeses, the restaurant's new manager pairs them with wine and in this instance we also tried many small portions of the new menu. The event began with Pouilly-Fume "Les Crogloups," Domanaine Chaveau '09. I love almost all wines with "Pouilly" in the title, so that was exciting.
Paired with the wine was a Goat's cheese, the Selles-Sur-Cher. It was not your average grocery store goat. So much better.
And the menu treat was the asparagus and escargot risotto with roasted garlic, sorrel and vermouth. The escargots were nice and tender and the asparagus was mmmm.
Next up was the Zamo Bianco, Le Vigne Di Zamo. I wasn't as big a fan. Something in the finish of the wine was a little too. Erm. Something.
The cheese was a Robiola Bosina. Almost brie-like in its creaminess. I wanted to eat it all the time. All the time I tell you.
And then the smoked pork pastrami flatbread with red peppers, baked onion and crema.
L. noticed that there was really nice light going on outside during a lull between courses, so she went out and took a few photos. Then I did. Heh.
I am so glad that it's warm again. Have I mentioned that?
Next up was perhaps my favorite course. The wine was a Merlot from Lockwood in Monterey California. I liked it on my first sip, but when it was paired with the cheese and menu sample....magical things happened.
So pretty.
This cheese and I may become best friends. It was the Vacherin Fribourgeouis. Oh man. Earthy in the best possible way.
So T., the executive chef, is shaking up the menu. Adding new and exciting things and, sadly for me, raising prices. I was very glad to try a little bit of the 21 day dry aged black angus ribeye with potato gratin and truffles. So good. So very good. Really something. Maybe one day I'll splurge and actually spend the $28 to have a full plate. Until then this will have to do.
The last course started with a Cava Rose Brute by Juve Y Camps, NV. None of the photographs were worth sharing, but I do like bubbly, yes indeed. I actually ordered a second glass once everything was concluded.
The Cava was paired with La Beola cheese, which also didn't photograph terribly well. And the menu sample was the Berkshire pork cheeks with roots, snow pea leaves and black cardamom jus. Oh yeah.
As you probably know if you read the blog with any regularity, I go to McCrossen's with some frequency. And I like it there. I like the staff and I like the french fries and I generally like at least two of their beers on tap. So what I"m trying to say is that I'm already a fan of the place, but I didn't 100% expect awesomeness from the event. I was wrong not to have expected it. Rocco, the cheese guy, was good at telling us about each cheese and what made it special. L. the GM was great at conveying her excitement about the wines. And T., the chef, was properly laid back and pleased with himself.
L. took photos with her camera, thank goodness. Here is a photo of us and the Cava. I wore my new strappy sandal wedges. You can't see them, but they're cute.
After the event we continued to drink wine. Mmmm. That merlot. And a Pinot Noir was also particularly nice. G. swung by after doing his thing out in the world and hung out a bit.
Then we left and I had a Michael Jordan moment. Still can't see my shoes.

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Dana said...

Love, love, love robiolas! They're Italian and usually made of several types of milk. I might have to try McCrossen's!!