Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Salad and Pasta c/o Jackie's

After the drive back to Silver Spring we quickly regathered ourselves and went to Jackie's for dinner. Their menu had quite a number of things on it that looked appealing, but I ultimately decided on a salad and an entree. Our waiter was not the warmest of servers and when I asked about how the tuna on the Nicoise salad was prepared, he told me that there wasn't any tuna at all. I found that to be quite confusing, as I have never before run into a Nicoise Salad lacking in tuna. In fact, I would go as far as to say that a defining characteristic of a Nicoise salad is tuna. So that was weird. I went with the salad with Le Bocage spicy greens, sugar snap peas, Chinese peppercorn and a mango infused vinaigrette. I loved the bit pile of greens and the look of the peas and ate the entire thing, though the peppercorn and vinaigrette's overall presence could have been better enforced. What?
My father had the shrimp and squid ink gnocchi with mustard greens and spring garlic, as well as mussels and peas from the looks of it.
I had the orecchiette primavera with pesto, broccolini, foraged mushrooms and Idiazabal manchego cheese. I liked it very much. A little oily at the bottom but good.
I generally try to say no to dessert, but once I looked at the dessert menu and realized that my father was going to split a little sweet treat that I might as well jump on the wagon. This was a butterscotch panna cotta I think, with little cookies. It was a little soupy, but tasty.
I think elements of this chocolate cake dessert were heralded as good, though my father was a little less positive about the cake itself. Alas. Or was that D? I forget.

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