Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beverages A'Plenty c/o Infusion

Last Sunday I had a lot to do. That is not really true. I had very little to do. Or maybe I did. I can't quite recall. In any case, on my agenda was finishing reading the second Suzanne Collins book after having devoured (figuratively) Hunger Games in a literal 24 hour period of time. Also on the 'to-do' list was visiting Infusion Coffee and Tea, which isn't really in my neighborhood. So I wended and wound my way up to Germantown/Mt. Airy to take a look at the place. I have a bit of an 'in' with the owners, which led to discounted (free) beverages. I had an iced hazelnut latte and then was offered an Earl Grey milkshake. Both drinks were delightful, though my taste buds thought the Earl Grey tasted more like peaches than anything else (this happens from time to time). I also finished the book. If you are a reader, just submit to the waves of people telling you to read the books. Just submit to it I tell you. They're far better than Twilight.

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