Wednesday, May 25, 2011

French Onion Soup and Chopped Salad c/o Rembrandt's

We had another prospective hire come into town last week, or the week before? Last week. And so once again a smaller group of us traipsed to Rembrandt's for an informal sit-down. In this case, I thought I would try an alternative to their quite delicious burger selection and chose to go with a soup/salad. The soup was very hot and my mouth did end up a little burned after my first few slurps. I slowed down and then was better able to enjoy the massive quantities of massive cheese and the oniony broth hidden beneath it.
The salad had radishes and tomatoes and other things, I added grilled chicken to mine. It was a decent salad. I wasn't enamored of the dressing, but it wasn't altogether a disappointment. M. ordered the Caesar and was quite let down. I must admit, it was a sad looking plate with not a lot going on.

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