Sunday, May 08, 2011

Slushee, PIFA Street Festival, Burger and Horchata

Last Saturday I asked G. if he might like to go to the PIFA Broad Street Spectacle with me, he was up to it, so go we went. Since traffic would have been dumb, and parking idiotic, we walked. Also I just like walking, makes me feel good about myself. Especially if I'm walking with a giant blue raspberry and cherry slushee. It would have been more ideal if it was a Slurpee, but you do what you can with what you got.
I was most excited about the Ferris Wheel and the legions of food vendors I expected to line the street. So I was most disappointed when the line for the Ferris Wheel was too long to stand. The array of food to choose from was also a bit of a disappointment.
This baby, on the other hand, was delicious.
This rock guy was walking around with three or four security people. G. said that he wasn't that hard if he was walking around with all that security.
So the food offerings along Broad were not all that exciting. We ended up walking a few blocks over and got burgers from 500 Degrees (how does one make the degree sign on a keyboard?). I went with 'The Turbo,' which had jalepenos, some spicy-ish cheese and the regular tomato/lettuce fixins. We sat down in the sun and began to eat the burgers, but were soon told to leave because we were sitting on the steps of an apartment building (we weren't the only ones). So then we went to Rittenhouse Square to finish them up. This burger was definitely large in portion size.
And I appreciated the fact that they really cook to order, which meant that my burger still had a little pink to it. THe spicy toppings didn't actually result in any better overall taste or interesting-ness, and the bun was definitely too squishy. I would have liked a toasted bun or something less doughy.
After lunch and a quick nap, we returned to Broad Street mainly because I wanted to see Sharon and the Dap Kings perform. On the way there we saw this.

It was even more crowded for the show. And after not too long a time we left. I don't like crowds. Nope. Nope. Nope.
On the walk back we passed this sign. I am a sucker for horchata. So I went right in and ordered me some. It wasn't as thick as many a horchata I've had in my life, but it was still tasty.

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