Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Beer and Clams c/o McCrossens

At some point in the last three weeks I met up with L. and, if you can wrap your brain around it, went to McCrossens. Once there I tried their Dragon's Milk Stout, which is something special, though not for the weak of liver.
I also tried out what was a harbinger of even more changes to the menu: clams in a miso broth with a bunch of other things. The broth was quite nice and I liked the dish on the whole, but many of the clams' shells had cracked, which led to me inadvertently biting down on quite a bit of shell. Clearly one must be careful when eating such things, but I was careful, and still I got burned ... or should I say cracked?
I then ordered a Troegenator, which came in this nifty themed mug.

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LW said...

Nice lighting on that first one! I am not in the background of any of these; therefore, I was NOT there. This is what I'm doing with the few minutes left at work.