Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Country Streams and Trees, Covered Bridge and Bocci

After breakfast we took advantage of the better weather to take a longer stroll. I put on S.'s amazing waterproof boots so that I could brave the stream. There are moments in my life where I really think I would be happy to simply stand in water and watch it flow around my booted (or unbooted in some instances) feet.
L. was a good sport and took photographs of me in the water. You can't entirely tell but the water was up to mid-calf.
Fatty and L. happy in the country. L. kept remarking on the smell, in a good way. The smell of grass and dirt and water and nature really is a much better smell than pavement and garbage and poop and exhaust.
Then it was time for a little photo session for me and L. Here I am pointing to nothing. Here is L. not looking at the nothing to which I am pointing.
Here I am as a turtle. Here L. is as, well, I don't know exactly what she is. Someone saying 'duh'?

This was even deeper water, but I made it work because I am a champion.
A graceful, graceful champion.
L. leaping.
He he he. Fat T. really didn't notice this next set of photos taking place. Or he may have known that photographs were being taken, but not exactly what L. was doing behind him.

The trees around those parts were in full green and talllllll.
Who doesn't like a covered bridge other than bored teenagers?

S. has a pump, and it actually pumps water! Don't know if you'd really want to drink it, but it was fun to see it surface.
We ended our weekend in the country with a few rounds of bocci ball.


nc catherine said...

Ok the L mimicing mimicking oh hell imitating Fat T walking made me laugh out loud. And yes, country smells, miss them a lot. Heard spring peeper frogs the other night, which is weird since I am next to mid-town in my burg. Thought I had been transported back to deep country!

cc said...

Yes! In one photo she is so clearly pleased with herself, I love it.

Oh how I miss the sound of frogs. And cicadas/crickets. I'm going to Sewanee later in June so hopefully I'll get a small taste.

nc catherine said...

Oh goodness per Brother R the 17 year locusts, or 13 year cicadas or whatever they are, are in full bloom, loud as all get out. Not sure if they are making a mess as a wall of bugs for drivers to negotiate...that would be hard to explain to the insurance adjuster as the basis for the automotive mishap.

I could almost venture to Sewanee in between regular school and the SSMC hoo-ha. Almost...