Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Cousin Open House

Last Wednesday I took a cab to a train station, a train to an airport, a plane to Nashville then a shuttle to Monteagle then a minivan c/o my mother to the homestead. My feet didn't hit proper Sewanee ground until 1 am, so it was a pretty long day, what with working a full day and all. On Thursday, some might call it Christmas Eve, I worked a full day, sitting at my parents' dining room table and enjoying their recent emergence into the 21st century (re: wireless internet). I drank my usual Earl Grey tea, but with honey from one of their friends' hives, so that was cool. I made a point of getting most of my work done in time to go to H. and C.'s open house in the valley. Their's is a lovely spread that I always enjoy visiting, though moreso when it's warm. Their tree came from their own land, which I think is pretty cool.

They had, in addition to a nice land spread, a nice food spread, which included ham, lots of sweets and some seriously strong homemade eggnog.

Just delicious. Punchy, but delicious. Nice thing was that after the third sip I got used to the amount of bourbon and just enjoyed it.
We also got to see E., R. and E. and R., A. J. and L., basically a bunch of cousins is what that is...others came but my sociability suffered a bit as a result ofthe late arrival the night before, the early and full day of editing and then those cups of eggnog just made me feel sleepy.
Thanks to the host and hostess for a lovely time!

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