Thursday, December 24, 2009

Snow and Dead Flowers

Saturday was decidedly solitary, but not in a bad way. Actually, in a marvelous way. S. had gone home for the holidays, so I had the house to myself and freely wandered around taking pictures of stuff, eating things, and watching a lot of television on the internet. Some would get out there in that snow and gallavant and whatnot, and for split seconds I had that urge...but, whatever, the thing I like best about a snowstorm is the freedom it gives me to stay inside, cozy up with myself and watch the world get covered in snow without having to fight it.
While buying my future heart attack at Whole Foods, I saw a paper whites kit for $6.99. A long time ago I had bulbs turn into flowers in my life, but it's been years, and I kind of miss it, watching these things sprout and grow and get all pretty and start to smell weird. I didn't take advantage of the dirt or crappy pot since I had this much prettier thingamajig at my disposal. Hopefully they will already have started to grow during my absence (I'm in Tennessee), though I also kept the curtains closed to try to keep the heat from escaping, so they won't be getting a lot of light. Hmmm.
A picture of the roses from the other week and the plants S. brought with him from California, which unfortunately weren't brought in before the first freeze, so it's most likely that they are dead, dead, dead.

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Flowers said...

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