Friday, December 18, 2009

Non-Mystery Beer and Sliders c/o Brigids...Flowers c/o the Street

Last Tuesday I read an internet article about how Brigid's was going to be cleaning out its beer cellar and selling mystery beer in brown bags for $3. This seemed like it might be fun, as Brigid's generally has a nice selection of beers and who doesn't need a little more mystery in their lives (hint: everyone). So L., AK and I went on over. In very short order we learned that the mystery bag event had been cancelled. But we stayed there anyways. I had a porter of some kind and then a Young's Chocolate Stout.
I ordered their veal sliders and was quite pleased. Two years of working in a not-so-great-but-everyone-who-patronized-it-thought-it-was-awesome coffeehouse left me entirely unimpressed by roasted red peppers (ugh, we had these giant cans of the things, and they were so slimy and we had to cut them and put them on things and the slime, ugh ugh ugh) but their taste actually did add a positive element to the overall presentation of the sliders so I'm not going to hate on them. We also shared a basket of fries with shallot aioli that I found entirely pleasing.
So, the trade-off, I'm finding, of a high ISO in low light is that things quickly become 'noisy' (in old photo terms you'd say that you could see the grain...or I think that's what you would say). I knew this, but seeing it makes it more real (putting theory into practice bitches). I'm still loving the 3200 setting, but I'm realizing that the pictures come out at a price. That price is a small piece of my soul. That is not true at all.
We then decided to go somewhere else. At first we headed toward London Grill, in fact we even went inside, but it smelled weird and was crowded. So, at that juncture, L. and I bid Ak adieu and headed on down to the Belgian Cafe. On our walk we came across a fair amount of trash cans and whatnot, it being trash night. At one point I saw what looked like a huge flower arrangement and I said, out loud, 'those can't possibly be real' before taking a petal between my thumb and middle finger to establish the truthiness of the buds. Turned out that they were real. So L. and I then deconstructed it and walked away, respectively, with about two dozen white and pink roses. Win!
At the Belgian Cafe I had Troeg's Mad Elf, a fine beer.
S., my roommate, ended up being there too, so we asked him to take a few photographs of us with our booty. And this is what happened.

I think this might be the best shot, and as usually is the case, it was also the last.
Well, except for this one.

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