Saturday, December 26, 2009

Beer and Wings and Eagles c/o Prohibition Tap Room

On Sunday A.S. texted me and asked if I'd like to have some beers while watching the Eagles game at Prohibition Taproom. I said yes, and off we went. The snow was still everywhere but my new boots (my boots are neither of those colors) kept my feet nicely warm and dry. Win. It was pretty quiet in the bar, which I often prefer, as I can definitely find a seat and everything is a little more low key.
I ordered a small set of their chili wings, which were quite moist and tasty without being as spicy as I might have expected. The skin could have been more crispy? Or chewy? Something, the skin could have been a little more something. On the whole, however, the moistness and size of the wings made up for any minor gripes I may have had.
It was a nice late afternoon and evening experience, especially since the Eagles won.

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