Monday, December 14, 2009


Things written on scraps of paper, strewn about my desk:

To Do:
Worry not about the shape and size of the world.
Worry, instead, over the contents within the world.
Move forward through one hour and thirty six minute conversations with past friends.
Remember Amish Diners and strange vibes and electrical tape over car clocks.

(found on the back of a CVS/pharmacy receipt for a bottle of Dasani water)

No straws in your drink.
Let's make a scene.
My ears have gone numb from the performance of strangers.
Scottish strangers, some of whom, I'm sure, could help me lead a beautiful life.
We'd go on the road and make babies, and I'd take sub-par pictures, and they, the Scottish strangers, would rock 'n roll.
I would feel superior to, and threatened by, the girls dancing in their boots at the front of the stage, and wonder what happened to my youth.

(found on what looks like a receipt, except it is entirely blank on both sides)

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