Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ornament Hanging in Huntington

So, since my visit to New York was last minute, Fat T. and L. already had plans for the evening. Fat T.'s mother was involved in a concert of some kind and, afterwards, the family was hosting a concert/holiday party. L. and I drove out to Long Island (that's where T.'s parents live) to help Fat T. and his father prepare for the party. Our main responsibility was decorating the tree and taking covers off of the snacks. Fat T. handed L. and me ornaments and then berated our placement of said ornaments on the tree, his father joined in as well, which was fun (it actually was). Here Fat T. is particularly mesmerized by an ornament, to the point where he tried to woo it. It was weird for everyone. Especially his fiancee.
Here I am, bathed in golden light, holding the three wise men.
And here I am as an owl. They had a lot of bird decorations that I found quite to my liking. They reminded me of J. and J.'s short-lived Christmas tree last year, which, if I recall correctly, had a bird theme.
I know.
This was one of the gaudier of ornaments. L. thought it was funny. I agreed.

These two are getting married. Everyone is talking about it. Mainly me.
Here Fat T. put on his muppet face and L. looked cute.
I know.

I can't remember the last time I decorated a tree. It was fun. Wholesome even. Usually my mother has already put the tree up and together by the time I get home, which I do not mind in the least, she does an excellent job, but it might be fun to look through those ornaments. I imagine I would get at least a momentary burst of childhood thoughts. I certainly had my favorite ornaments as a kid, but I can't remember what they were. I remember always being taken in by the Hallmark commercials and their insistence that a family should get an ornament for each year of a child's life, and each ornament should have significance. We didn't really do that, which is for the best since the ornaments Hallmark hawked were all cheap and stupid...I see this in retrospect. Fat T.'s favorite ornament was a clothespin dressed as a lady that his brother made when they were kids. That doesn't really let you know what it looked like.

It is snowing, and it is cold in my house, and I'm wondering about what I'm going to eat for dinner and it's only 3.


j, foodie blog enthusiast said...

hey, 50 minutes further east and you're in j, foodie blog enthusiast territory! (see why i'm always so jealous of your food? there's not terribly much happening in the culinary realm out here!)

fab nail polish, btw!

cc said...

If only I ever knew in which direction I was going in/on Long Island. It's a mystery. I had a pretty good bagel in Huntington the next morning.

the polish is: NYC Color's "East Village" and was, if I recall correctly, $1.99 at CVS :)

®ø$åðìɱåggìø63 ღ said...

bellissima casa !! :-)
Buon Natale