Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Hour and More

Last Friday most all of us from the office joined M. in enjoying the free happy hour she won at Public House. If it wasn't Public House, then it was a bar a lot like it. There we drank free beers or wine for an hour before moving on to paying for our alcohol at Kite and Key. A2 had a hand at the camera and, 200 photographs later, this was the best of the bunch. Here I am about to try to attack Ak (I think my face looks a lot like Brutus the puppy's when he is about to attack), but she knows that I am no match for her so she is smiling at me. L. doesn't care, so she is being all sultry.
Here Ak is victorious and L. is all pouty-inquisitive.
Here we all take a photograph together.
And then we do it again.
Here is what it looks like with a flash and a little more crazy cc. I'm not really that crazy. I just choose to deal with my double chinned tendencies by acting crazy. It is a defense mechanism...that still results in a double chin. Double chin avoidance FAIL. The next two photographs were taken with L.'s camera, which generally annoys me when I use it, but turned out better pictures on this particular evening. Thanks L!

A.S. joined the fun, which was nice.

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