Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hello Cholesterol, How Are You?

So after returning home on Sunday I spent a week working and not going out or eating anything of note, literally. Well, not literally, I did plenty of mysterious interesting things that I swore that I would not blog about. Shit. I just blogged about them. Falsehood. Crazy. Point: last Saturday it snowed and snowed and snowed and my lack of anything to eat in the house necessitated a quick walk to Whole Foods, where I bought half a dozen eggs, American cheese and an everything bagel. I returned home where I created an obscene home-edition of the very similar breakfast bagel I ate the previous Sunday (minus the bacon plus an egg and about two slices of cheese). I am a fatty. I like melted cheese. I cannot help myself. It was delicious with a little ketchup and green tabasco sauce, and it was the perfect way to start a snowed in Saturday.
I know it is obscene. Judge me. If you want me to make you one I will.

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