Friday, December 25, 2009

On my way back from New york I stopped by a New Jersey Lowes to pick up paint for my much talked about desire to paint at least half of my bedroom. Once there, however, I realized I wasn't entirely ready to make such a commitment. So I bought small samples of two blues and two reds, since my thought was to have a blue/red theme...with one on the window treatments one as the main color. Above and below are what those colors look like under different light conditions. As much as I felt the reds when they were sample colors on paper, I didn't feel like they looked quite right on the wall. But I did sort of dig both of the blues. The lighter color, which I imagine becoming the predominant color, is called 'Ocean Sigh,' which does reflect a certain overall sentiment of my self. In my mind.
So I'm thinking 'Ocean Sigh' for the walls with this darker blue for the window trimming. I kind of want a red element too, simply because I do, but I don't see that happening. Or it could. I just don't know exactly how. Technically, L. says she will do the painting, but I have to make her quite a nice meal. I like making nice meals. The idea of leaving the painting to her, whilst I am focusing on food would be my preference. Of course, I actually have to buy the paint and brushes and rollers and primer before this actually becomes a matter worth discussing at length. Still, these are the colors.

Oh yes, and today is Christmas. Merry Christmas. I tend to prefer 'Happy Holidays' but that seems sort of silly on Christmas day.

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nc catherine said...

Ooh ocean sigh is great! You could do weird red accents, like the insides of the window frames or the sashes, along with the darker blue. Cool colors. And Merry Christmas!