Friday, January 01, 2010

Christmas Morning

Sewanee fog was prevalent in the morning hours of Christmas. Here is the live tree my parents bought and my mother decorated. Let me tell you something about this tree: it was very heavy, and quite difficult to single-handedly drag across the driveway and into the hole my parents dug for it...but I am strong and made it happen.
I always liked this gingerbread decoration, and birds are always good too.

My mother and I are firm collectors of rocks and shells. Here is her latest menagerie.
Note the snail.
Before our present opening we had cinnamon rolls, and I had a cup of tea.


Claire said...

when i was a kid, my number one fear in the world was sewanee fog. i think we've discussed this.

nc catherine said...

Well Claire, Sewanee fog is a scary thing. I moved away ten plus years ago and I still think in terms of fog, as in: a co-worker years ago was looking at paint colors for her new car and she was tending towards a light champagne color. My instant response was: Oh wow that is not too visible in the fog...Fog??? Really??? was her response. Now we have fog here in the middle of NC maybe three times a year, so I confess it might be kinda obvious, given that paucity, that for me the Sewanee fog fear/fog relationship is pretty ingrained.

Of course, of late we have had fog daily for weeks at a time, including right now, for some inexplicable climate related reason, and frankly, I am over it.

Claire said...

haha i'm glad that my fear isn't totally irrational! once, my family and i arrived late late at night and the fog was so bad that my mother had to open the passenger car door so that we could see the lines on the road! i think that incident was what really put me over the edge in terms of fearing sewanee fog.

nc catherine said...

Ok, when I was in high school the father of a friend was carpooling us and the fog was so bad we had to stop at the intersection of Univ. Ave and Hiway 64, which is somewhat before the big stone gates, roll down the windows and stick our heads out on both sides of the car, the driver and three kids, to listen for the semi tractor trailer trucks that we would not be able to see until they were on top of us. Yeah scary ain't the half of it!

And this was at 8 in the morning.

Nope, not irrational at all, this fog fear!! My brother says it is not true but I say it is: he walked into a tree on campus once in a deep fog. He may have been somewhat foggy in his interior as well but yeah, deep light sucking tree hiding fog. Brrrrrrrrrr.