Saturday, April 16, 2011

Modo Mio Magic

When I was in New York in March, E. mentioned that she would be coming to Philly in April and asked whether she might stay with me. She and I both thought that getting L. to come too would be fantastic, and I quickly began plotting where we might eat while they were in town. I decided that in terms of budget and bang for the buck, Modo Mio was most definitely the way to go ... I also just wanted to go there. So, on an incredibly rainy night L. and E. pulled into town and I met them at the restaurant. As always, I found the lighting of the place a challenge and I actually think this was one of my least successful rounds of photos. Also, as always, I sort of forget the details of the dishes, and the restaurant's menu isn't entirely reflective of what we ordered. So we'll see how it goes. For my first course I chose a chicken liver 'caramello,' in other words, chicken liver paté or mousse. There were cherries and raddichio and something else good. It was good. It's strange how chicken livers in their natural state are not all that appealing to me, and yet I like it when they're all ground/pureed up. Go figure.
Since I so enjoyed the pasta I had last time, I gravitated to its close cousin on this occasion as well...and found it deeee-lightful.
Oh man, it's pretty much impossible for me to tell you much about my main course. It was tender, delicious duck. With pancetta or something like it, and gorgonzola sauce. But those pink tipped things? Totally couldn't tell you. And there was another element that also slips my mind. But here's something else I can tell you: E. ordered the butter fish, which was a special of the night. And, well, it was maybe THE BEST THING EVER. Seriously. For real. It was not just good, it was super good. It was melting in your mouth fantastic. It was just...there are no words.
For dessert I ordered the pannacotta, which came with a blueberry compote? I need to start writing things down.
I think L. and E. were a little skeptical about my crazy need to be there exactly on time, but once the food started coming I think any annoyance was nicely mellowed by the food. Also? We drank a bottle of prosecco and a bottle of malbec.

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